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Are you ready to see the mega crypto age open the door and explore we offer maximum secure transparency for the future of crypto for you extraordinary investors we have created the burning ecosystem and all cryptocurrencies are getting ready to enter this ecosystem.


Max Supply

185 Week

It was created after 185 weeks of work by its developer and founding team.


The SALVATRON token an automatic burn system to reduce its total supply to 20 million. 


It is in the top 1% of the crypto universe in terms of total supply.

Technological Innovation
Salvatron aims to transform the world of finance by providing a platform based on the latest technology. We strive to create a reliable and transparent financial ecosystem using blockchain and smart contract technologies. 
User satisfaction is a top priority for Salvatron. By offering exclusive benefits, access, and privileges to token holders, we bring our community together. Each Salvatron token comes with a range of advantages and usage features.

Sustainable Growth

Salvatron aims for sustainable and steady growth with a long-term vision. Our project is focused on keeping investments secure by providing users with regular updates and innovations.
Community Engagement
Salvatron is committed to building success in collaboration with the community. We value user opinions, consider feedback, and encourage community participation. 
What is an incineration ecosystem

SALVATRON in this ecosystem, cryptocurrencies connected to each separate network are divided into a group, for example cryptocurrencies with unlimited supply using the arbitrum network and the binance smart chain or the Ethereum network are included in their own group and each enters the burning ecosystem in its own group. This is done by multiple voting on transparent wallets belonging to a community, with incremental amounts from commissions and transfer fees on moxibustion exchanges.


It is no longer impossible for cryptocurrencies to existing replace currencies in the world, this change will happen within the first 10 years and salvatron salvatron is the biggest part of this ecosystem.

Human and Crypto

In the new world, cryptocurrencies have become not only an investment tool for people but also a part of everyday life and system. Salvatron is a project with the highest potential among the assets that can manage payment systems and investment mechanisms in modern technology

Strategic Solutions

We would like to inform you that you, the valuable crypto community, are among the technology giants of the future We offer you high-level security transparency solvability salvatron is not just a token it is a mega crypto project. there is a big team working for you with all innovations

White Paper

SALVATRON is a decentralized public cryptocurrency and mega crypto project. It adjusts the amount of SALVATRON to be burned according to the number of blocks created on BSC. This offers more transparency and predictability to the SALVATRON community. In addition, BNB uses a real-time burning mechanism based on gas fees. A certain proportion of the gas fee collected in each block is burned by BSC validators, and BSC validators decide this proportion. SALVATRON uses the Binance Smart Chain network. In the shitchain ecosystem, new networks continue to be developed and offer users a good experience. BSC, the Binance Smart Chain network, is one of them. The network, which offers users token – coin transfer as well as exchange, NFT purchase, etc., has the features of networks such as Ethereum and Avalanche. The Binance Smart Chain network, which offers its own private wallets, is parallel to the BC (Binance Chain) network of the Binance exchange. Its high transaction capacity and security provide users with secure and high-quality smart contract interaction. Binance Smart Chain network, Ethereum. 

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